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San Diego has a reputation for being tourist-friendly, pet-friendly, and beach-friendly.  America's population may be graying, but in San Diego, they are definitely not slowing down because these lucky 50+ adults have access to our unique group, Get Off Your Rockers (GOYR).

GOYR was organized in 1992 by a group of age 50+ adults intent on staying active and participating in various types of activities.  While the original interest was snow skiing, other activities such as bicycling, golf, hiking, kayaking, sailing, walking, and tennis soon were added to the “Rockers” (as we like to call ourselves) repertoire.  For a bit about how the club came to be, take a look at our Club History.


As camaraderie grew among the members, more activities were added to our busy calendar including social, cultural, and charitable events.  These include weekly social hours, monthly potlucks, summer picnics at Mission Bay, an annual spring brunch, holiday dinner-dance, theater outings, travel, and more.  While most activities are in San Diego County, out-of-state (and country) trips are on the calendar.


GOYR has enjoyed a sustained membership of over 240 for several years.  The success of the organization can be attributed to the variety of activities and breadth of experience that members bring to the club.  Singles and couples from many professions enjoy the ease with which they are accepted into the organization and activities.


Another unusual aspect of Get Off Your Rockers: members in their 50’s and 60’s are actively involved with those in their 70’s and even 80’s in virtually every organization activity.  Friendships have been formed “across the age divide” that go well beyond the occasional outing.  In a society where ageism seems to be everywhere, there appears to be none among us “Rockers.”


We invite you to explore the Events Calendar section of our website. We’re certain you will find your area of interest.   Join us for one of our activities, meet our members, and you will want to become a permanent part of this great organization.